I am not suicidal. I was just sent this warning

Protect your personal safety, Zev. Things are getting dicey and with FDA approving pharma mandated mulnopiravir and Pfizer’s early treatment drugs AT POINT OF POSITIVE TEST (most testing will be relegated to pharmacies and hospital/clinics plus mandatory vaccination or updated booster, synched with passport or lack thereof, after testing at same pharmacy or fac. The committee is talking about using heavily armed security, to compel compliance, with police fallback. As these two treatment drugs have dangerous carcinogenic, contributory mutagenic and infestation retroviral potential, and of course, the danger of the vaccines, it would be inappropriate for the public to expose themselves to this process.

Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD


  1. Zev shalom
    with respect to your cancer, are you familiar with the story of Joe Tippens? I hope you will not find it ignorant and impertinance from my side.

    best health,
    Shmuel Saban, Israel