Mask up, New York City! Regardless of #COVID19 vaccination

New York Government suggests all New Yorkers wear a mask regardless of vaccination status because of the new strain OmiCron.

At the same time mandating that everyone above the ages of 5 go out and get the Vaccinations & if you got the vaccinations then you should get the booster shot.

Early last week New Yorkers were enraged by the fact the media all over claimed that the New Temporary Mayor of New York mandated masks to be worn in all public settings regardless of vaccination status.

Now the Temporary Mayor’s office is putting out “mere suggestions?” to wear masks in public settings?

For those that don’t know, New York has a new Temporary Mayor, former Mayor Andrew Cuomo stepped down because he sexually assaulted women. He was not pressured to step down because he mandated Nursing homes to take in Covid infected patients. as a direct result, 30,000 vulnerable elderly nursing home patients passed away.

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