Following a court decision that terminated mask requirements on airplanes, Dr. Zelenko commented:

Challenging the Dehumanizing Effects: Dr. Zelenko Shares Thoughts on the Airplane Mask Mandate Decision “The masks weren’t effective. The common mask had pore sizes of 0.4 microns, while the COVID-19 virus measures 0.1 microns. As a result, the virus could easily pass through many masks. The masks didn’t serve a health benefit but instead contributed to psychological distress and a feeling of dehumanization among wearers.”

In February 2023, The New York Times released a headline that took many by surprise: “Did Mask Mandates Really Help? Time for Reflection.

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A 2023 research by Kisienlinski and team raised concerns about potential health risks due to prolonged exposure to carbon dioxide from wearing masks.

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