My health update.

Unfortunately, my cancer has progressed and spread to my remaining lung, and may have also spread to my left hip, and low back.

I will have biopsies of the hip and back soon.

There are experimental and alternative treatment options that I am exploring.

I feel good and have no fear. I may have to scale down some of my smaller media events but fully intend to stay in the fight as long as I have consciousness.

It has been four years since I was supposed to die. Everyday since has been miraculous and I attribute my continuous survival to the prayers of loving people.

My Hebrew name is

Velvel Wolf Zev Ben Leah

It really isn’t important when and how a person dies. It is much more important how a person lives.

With much love

~Zev Zelenko

Z stack Protocol Adult


  1. I’m sorry to hear of your heath issues Dr. Zelenko. I was wondering if you might have looked into
    RSO(ross simpson oil) therapy. It’s made from the marijuana plant, (not hemp) and is about 90%
    THC. I have heard numerous testimonies of remission of cancer using this method. If taken in
    suppository form, it bypasses the liver and does not cause intoxication. The high dose THC is very
    unfriendly to cancer. Blessings to you. Love, Anna Burns

  2. May God bless you and keep you in your journey. You have been a patriot and an example for your Brothers and Sisters in Christ. You have saved countless people and I thank you.
    Using your protocol z-stack and hcq my Mother who is 76 got through the ccp virus with minimal symptoms.
    I for one am extremely grateful that God allowed you to stay the extra years.

    Robert Burke

  3. Dr. Zelenko,

    I am a colleague (neurology) from Austria. I have utmost respect for your courage in the pandemic and was shocked when I learned yesterday about your illness. I had no clue.
    I’m writing because I was very very ill myself some 15 years ago and got myself around with the help of a holistic program that is available in the US. It’s called Nutritional Balancing and has an extensive website (Dr. L. Wilson). I was on the program for about 6 years and it saved my life, but didn’t completely heal me. The remaining healing keeps happening under my own guidance, slowly but surely.
    Please forgive me contacting you in this way I just felt the need to reach out to the brave and wonderful soul that you have shown the world to be.
    Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.

    All the best,

  4. Dear Dr. Zelenko,

    I am sorry to learn of this bad news.
    I came across a link that deals with a non-traditional approach iro this disease
    that is currently affecting you. It did work out successfully for that person &
    it may perhaps work for you too.
    My sincere and deep thanks for your precious advice on this toxic vax
    and may God bless you richly & abundantly. I will keep you in my prayers.


  5. Dr Zelenko there IS a cure for cancer! It is a mushroom called Turkey Tail. they are sold as capsules, you take 4 of them twice a day. A mushroom farmer named Paul Stamets ( has been growing medicinal mushrooms for years and he supplies them to the USDA and one of the Cancer Institutes, because I saw that one of them is researching them to see what property is making the immune system boosted so well. Vitamin Shoppe sells them, as well as a tea made with Turkey Tails, or you can order them from Paul Stamets. You can watch Paul Stamets on Youtube when he gave his Tedx talk. I first heard about him om CoasttoCoastAM with George Noory about 4-5 years ago. They are known top cure metastasized cancers, 4th stage cancers as well, and they work with the Chemotherapy. If you take Curcumin or Turmeric you also need to take a dash of pepper with it, so it can be absorbed. For your general health and heart problem, see Dr Gundy and his protocol. His books ‘The Plant Paradox’, ‘The Longevity Paradox, and ‘The Energy Paradox’ are all amazing. he formerly ran the Loma Linda Heart Institiute in L.A.. he says lectins are the cause of systemic inflammation which leads to heart disease, arthritis and then dementia if unchecked. The culprit of these lectins ate New World vegetables, and red meats, beef pork and lamb for heart disease due to reasons he explains in the books. Saturated fats are bad for you after all, a microbe choly—- piggybacks on them and gets through the gut wall and affects the heart, plus another factor, almost identical shared between humans and the red meat animals, causes your immune system to attack your endothelium as it is confused with the animal version and the endothelium becomes inflamed as a result. I hope your heart surgery goes well, if you need further heart work contact Dr Gundry through Instagram, he uses that for questions. He is amazing, like yourself. Good luck and God speed!