Plandemic 3 Official Trailer

Dr. Robert Malone(inventor of mRNA Vaccine):

what do we get to lose? what we got to lose is our children’s future. This is worth doing because of our kids.

Dr. Peter Mcculough(epidemiologist):

A bullet is heading towards your child this is a clear and present danger administered at the end of a public health administration needle.

Leigh Dundas(a human rights attorney):

Nothing I have done in the last 18 months that has made me infamous or famous take your pick has been because I’m a lawyer, it’s been because I’m a mom. I think the parents are the new warriors.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (Nobel Prize Nominated Physician):

I have eight children and I want to leave the world a little bit better and safer for them and for your children and for all of our children.

Kimchi Moyer (biological medicine consultant):

Something is not right and it feels very much like when we escape communism in Vietnam.

Angela Stanton King (former congressional candidate):

This gives them the opportunity to discriminate against 72% of black americans because you’re unclean. black america has to wake up!

Judy A Mikovits, PHD (molecular biologist/ Whistleblower):

Fear is immune suppressive one of the most powerful things second only to anger, so if you wanna stay well joy hug love forget the narrative.

Kevin Jenkins(CEO of Uban Global Health Alliance):

When we do that we become one and that is what they’re afraid of that’s why they locked us in our house, that’s why they’re pumping fear at us every day.

David E. Martin, PHD (national intelligence analyst):

It’s a celebration of what we can use to connect ourselves into the organism called humanity which then fully informed cannot be enslaved.

Tricia Lindsay (attorney/educator):

I told someone the other day that lost their job, I said you were freed take that freedom and figure out what you’re supposed to do with it.

Plandemic 3 Trailer (Official)