Netherlands PM Exposed, Lies about Covid-19: The Great Reset

When the TRUTH is spoken, they try to make the public look crazy by stating that it is just a conspiracy theory!

Netherlands Prime Minister gets exposed when he tries to make a sworn member of the Parliament Mr. Van Meijeren look crazy by responding to his question “How do you judge the content of this book? (Covid-19: The Great Reset)” with “I do not know this book but I would like to advise Mr. Van Meijeren not to look so much into these conspiracy theories” and starts comparing it to conspiracy theories of 911.

Mr. Van Meijeren responded with a blow to PM Mr. Rutte “it surprises me that you answered my question with a LIE”

Mr. Van Meijeren continues “I have a letter dated Nov 26th, 2020 from PM Mr. Rutte to Klaus Shwab, in which he thanks Mr. Klaus Schwab for sending him the book (Covid-19: The Great Reset) & he calls it “a helpful analysis for a better future”.

How long will they ban the truth and deem truth sayers “Conspiracy Theorists”?