Z-Shield Smallpox Treatment Protocollllll

smallpox is only found in BSL-4 labs in the United States and Russia. However, vials of smallpox have been recently discovered in an unsecured Merck lab refrigerator.

An urgent need exists for clinical approaches that may mitigate the risk of smallpox and other bioterrorism pathogens.  It is self-evident that an optimized immune system and nutritional status are beneficial to overall health.

This formulation may be beneficial to the immune system. The ingredients may inhibit viral replication such as smallpox, chicken pox, herpes simplex, COVID-19, influenza, Marburg virus, and RSV. 

In the interest of public health, I am open to sourcing this information.  It may be prudent for every family to be prepared and have these ingredients at home. 

This formula contains:

Sarracenia purpurea

NAC 1200mg/day

EGCG 400 mg/day

Curcumin 1000 mg/day

Zinc 50 mg/day

Vitamin D  5000 iu/day

Vitamin C 1000 mg/day

Selenium 70 mcg/day

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